Cats can relax and enjoy a stimulated environment with windows into other pens, ramps, mirrors and toys over three levels. The ground floor provides a large area to play and eat their food, their litter tray is behind a private door and the first floor is reached by a ramp to a scratching post and further play area.


Another ramp leads to the third floor where a luxury four poster bed awaits alongside a heater and a blind which can be pulled down at night creating a warm and cosy bedroom. Plenty of affection is given out with a ramp which comes to the front where they can be stroked as well as keep a watchful eye on other guests.

Dietary and medical requirements can also be catered for on close supervision from veterinary nurse, Lyn. Cats must have a flea treatment prior to arrival. A profile for each cat is created so as we get to know your cat we can ensure he or she gets the most out of their stay.

Emergency contact details are taken along with your pet's likes and dislikes. We can also keep in touch with you by sending updates and photos of your best friend throughout their stay.