Kennels Dog Boarding

Unfortunately, we are unable to take on any new clients for this service at present, in order to protect the limited availability for our members and regular guests. If you are a current member or have used us in 2021 for day care or boarding then we would still love to hear from you.

Fern Farm offers two different options for boarding your four legged friend, our comfortable kennels provide a secure and stimulating environment for the active dog. Having been awarded five stars for three years by Wiltshire Council with an experienced team and added security of the owners and staff living on site providing a premium level of service and flexibility with our first class range of facilities.

If you have not completed a booking form since December 2019, please complete the ‘new customer booking form’, you can then complete the ‘repeat customer booking form’ for bookings thereafter.

A typical day is filled with three fun packed sessions of mostly off-lead exercise, along with a groom and a health check at the start of each day. All three sessions take place in our purpose built secure areas on our 100 acre farm and vary between our securely fenced paddocks for playtime, Hoopers and exploring, indoor play area with flyball and a sensory courtyard with calming scented plants, paddling pools, a rocky garden, tyres and toys providing endless entertainment. Those who socialise well with others are carefully selected according to their age, size and temperament to form a group with a tailored daily programme to suit their needs. As we have long standing regular clients we get to know our four legged guests extremely well. Guests are never taken off site and any guests who are unpredictable are always exercised individually.

Down time takes place mid morning and mid afternoon where all dogs relax to classical music and Green and Wilds antler chews and chew roots can also be provided (at an additional cost). Further enrichment can also provided with supervised food and treat finding in snuffle matts, rubber kongs, slow feeder and interactive toys if required.

Most of our kennels have individual outdoor south facing runs, so that in between their three sessions of walks and play dogs can also venture outside in a secure way. Dogs from the same household only may share a kennel, depending on size this can be up to four dogs and we have larger kennels to allow co-sleeping guests plenty of space still. The outdoor runs catch the sun and also overlooks the sensory courtyard enabling them freedom to remain stimulated through watching other dogs play and the activity on the farm. Access is closed at night to create a warm cosy environment but throughout the day we ensure that the areas are all well ventilated and all kennels have lots of natural daylight.

Our raised orthopaedic beds provide a comfortable night sleep, allowing bedding to breathe which in turn prevents any dampness or odours. These are around 5 inches off of the floor and come in a range of sizes allowing dogs to fully stretch out and relax. We ask you to bring a blanket or simple piece of bedding which smells of home, anything large should have a removable cover. Situated on the floor are large microfibre noodle matts with a non slip backing, these allow dogs a second cosy place to lie and help dry off any paws, they are easy to keep clean as are all of the purpose built kennels themselves. There are no solid doors, allowing dogs to feel unrestricted and the premises is purpose built in a way that they are both comfortable and practical with tiled floors which are easy to keep clean. We do not offer underfloor heating as this is proven to cause skin problems, instead over each raised bed is a 250 watt guarded infrared heater which in turn heats the whole building. Regardless of duration of stay, all areas are disinfected daily with a BAC 50 disinfectant especially designed for ensuring a high level of biosecurity for pets.

Puppies can be accommodated from 6 months old, under this age we would normally recommend home boarding (please see home boarding page for full details). Exercise and socialisation is tailored to their requirements.

For regular clients and members, we are happy to accept bitches in season in the kennels and can manage this accordingly along with providing post operation care which can take place in our home if required (please see home boarding page). Dogs who have not been neutered can attend at any age but will only be socialised providing that their temperament and behaviour does not cause any issues, should we feel that this is an issue we would discuss this with you.

Vaccinations must be up to date for dogs to be able to attend with no boosters outstanding, we cannot accept dogs in the 14 days immediately prior to having the kennel cough booster, in order for us to comply with Wiltshire Council’s licensing conditions. All dogs must be regularly treated for fleas, ticks and worms and we ask that if any topical flea treatment is given that this is not done immediately prior to arriving as not to allow other dogs to come into contact with the substance.

Food is to be provided by the owner, we aim to keep their feeding routine exactly the same as at home and can feed up to four times per day if required. By bringing their usual food avoids the risk of dietary upset or loss off appetite, we offer airtight storage for kibble along with refrigeration and freezer storage for wet and raw food. A healthy diet is encouraged at Fern Farm and a discount on Natures Menu and Cotswold Raw food is provided to guests. Medication and raw food can also be administered at no extra cost.

A full range of grooming services from a simple bath and blow dry to claw trimming, clipping and hand stripping can be provided in our fully equipped country grooming salon (at an additional cost). Our three groomers all have many years experience, the salon is open 6 days a week and where possible if you require grooming we try to arrange this on departure day. We recommend booking 6 weeks in advance and to request this when booking along with any particular styling requirements, when boarding it’s an ideal time to take advantage of this service. Guests otherwise receive a daily groom which is a comb through only as part of their daily health check.

Further peace of mind not only with the owners and staff living on site includes automatic gates which lock out of hours, security lighting, CCTV cameras with all doors and gates kept locked even when we are open. We pride ourselves on offering first class care from our experienced team, please see our meet the team page for further information.

Please see our booking and prices page for our terms and conditions.