Terms & Conditions

Fern Farm Canine Country Club and Cattery Terms and Conditions – For all services unless stated otherwise.

  1. All animals use the services of Fern Farm Canine Country Club and Cattery at the owner’s risk, we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any losses or injury.
  2. You accept that your dog may become injured or unwell when using our services and we recommend that you arrange your own insurance if not already in place as we do not accept responsibility for any treatment whatsoever for any injury or illness.
  3. You agree not to bring your dog here in any capacity if they are showing symptoms of a contagious disease or are suspected of. We reserve the right to refuse the admission or cancel bookings of any animal due to ill health and you will still be liable for the cost of the service. You agree to disclose any health issues, veterinary treatment, medication, behavioural issues, traits or vices prior to arrival, this includes any recent illness whereby they may still be contagious. We must be notified at the time of booking with an update on arrival.
  4. In cases where animals are left that prove to be aggressive towards our staff or destructive to our facilities, we will contact the owner or emergency contact to arrange their removal. The emergency contact provided must be someone who is local, able to drive and willing to make full payment on the owner’s behalf. The remainder of the booking is still payable in full. All damage caused by any animal will be chargeable to the owner, including any caused to other pets and we recommend that you take out insurance to cover this.
  5. Your booking is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from us and any deposit or payment requested has been received.
  6. All new guests for day care and boarding are required to undertake a taster day at the owners cost, along with any dogs who have not attended for a year at our discretion. Should we decide that your dog is not suitable for our services, we reserve the right to cancel any future bookings and any deposits or payments for them will be refunded to you.
  7. For boarding, day care and paddock hire bookings, vaccination cards must be provided upon arrival to commence check in and will be retained by Fern Farm Canine Country Club until collection. Member’s only will have copies of their vaccination records kept on file and you agree to provide us with an updated card when boosters are given. Dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, as well as Kennel Cough which is NOT part of your annual booster vaccination. No dog may attend if they have had their kennel cough vaccination in the 14 days prior as it is a live vaccination which could shed, this is regardless of what your vet says. No boosters may be outstanding and 14 days must be allowed before arrival from completion of the PRIMARY course of vaccinations for puppies and any adults who have lapsed. You accept that the vaccinations administered by your vet protect them against some but not all of strains of the virus in some cases and therefore you accept that your pet is still at risk. Homeopathic alternatives are not acceptable and we do not accept titre tests.
  8. For boarding, day care and paddock hire, all dogs must be treated for fleas, ticks and worms within one month prior to arrival by a known flea treatment.  Animals that arrive with fleas will be refused entry and homeopathic alternatives are not acceptable.
  9. For boarding, your 50% deposit is non-refundable and non transferable regardless of reason including your own self isolation, any illness or suspected contagiousness regardless of reason or adverse weather. The full amount is due if you cancel within 30 days of the arrival date. We recommend checking with your travel insurers that cover is in place for kennelling costs or cancellation fees, should a situation arise such as Covid-19 as we are unable to waive cancellation fees. Deposits must be paid within 48 hours otherwise the booking automatically becomes void. No reduction will be offered for early collection or late drop off and the relevant additional cost will apply for any unplanned extended stays. No pets are released to owners without full payment, please note that we do not accept card payments.
  10. Regular day care members are automatically booked on for their set days on a monthly basis and payment is due by the 1st of the month for the forthcoming month. By the 14th of the month before, you agree to cancel any days not required for the forthcoming month on our system. On the 15th of the month your booking is confirmed and you accept that you are liable for the cost of any day care days not cancelled. Should you not be able to bring your dog for any days which have been booked, there will be no refund or credit due regardless of reason including your own self isolation, any illness or suspected contagiousness regardless of reason, adverse weather or recent/unplanned kennel cough vaccination. 30 days notice is required for cancellation of regular day care membership, your dog must attend more than 75% of it’s membership days to continue to be eligible and we reserve the right to charge a retainer fee for extended periods of absence.
  11. For ad-hoc day care days and taster days, requests may be made from the 15th of the month before and we cannot guarantee availability. Payment is due by the date on the invoice and a refund or credit can only be given if the day is cancelled more than 14 days in advance.
  12. Grooming is not included in the cost of boarding, we therefore recommend that grooming appointments are arranged particularly if your dog has a non-shedding coat, long coat or is here for an extended stay. Booking is required well in advance and a separate grooming form must be completed where you agree to highlight any behavioural issues and allergies. For boarding and day care, any dogs which we feel are excessively dirty or suspect have fleas will be bathed at our discretion and the owner accepts that they are liable for the cost. We reserve the right to terminate a groom should we feel it necessary. A strict hygiene protocol is in place in the salon along with our groomer wearing PPE and as such, a £5 surcharge to each groom therefore applies until further notice to cover this. Our matting policy applies, therefore any dogs which are matted will need to be clipped short and a matting charge will apply. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your grooming appointment we reserve the right to cancel the appointment and you will be charged in full. Payment is by bank transfer only before or on collection and pet’s will not be released without payment. We require a non-refundable deposit of £25 and a cancellation fee will apply to all grooming appointments at the full cost of the groom for cancellations made within 7 days of the appointment regardless of reason including your own self isolation, any illness or suspected contagiousness regardless of reason or adverse weather. You agree to ensure that your dog has had a toilet opportunity prior to arrival.  As the owner (or with full authority from the owner), you consent to us proceeding with the agreed grooming requirements. If any additional grooming is necessary due to unforeseen issues (for example if the dog is matted), or the dog requires any immediate veterinary attention, you authorise Fern Farm to proceed if necessary and will be liable for any resulting additional costs.
  13. For boarding, you agree to bring sufficient food for the duration of your pet’s stay, we strongly recommend that you bring the food which they are used to eating. You are liable for the cost of the purchase of additional food should your pet run out of food during their stay and there may also be a charge for the collection or delivery. We are advocates for healthy eating and therefore do not accept food or treats with additives, colouring or high sugar content. Rawhide chews are not accepted. We do not accept vegan or vegetarian diets without written reason from a veterinary surgeon for it’s need.
  14. Medication will only be administered with the instructions from a veterinary surgeon which must be clearly labelled on such medication. You agree to bring a sufficient amount for the duration of the animal’s stay and are liable for the cost of purchasing more if needed and there may also be a charge for the collection or delivery.
  15. All dogs must wear a collar with an ID tag and must be microchipped.
  16. No responsibility is taken for owner’s bedding, toys, bones, chews or bedding that is used on the premises. You accept that such items could be dangerous such as a potential choking hazard and understand that dogs are not always individually supervised.
  17. Dogs must be on a lead at all times upon arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the reception or car park areas whatsoever.
  18. When hiring a paddock, you agree to use the only area booked for the time booked, picking up all excrement and rubbish before you leave and will ensure that you do not allow your dog to distract any other activities on site or behave in a way that intimidates other people or animals.
  19. The owner understands that drop off and pick up times are by prior arrangement inside our opening hours only and as specified when booking. If these are missed for whatever reason there may be delay in being able to drop off or collect your pet and a surcharge for the inconvenience may be charged at our discretion. The last admission for day care and boarding is 15 minutes before closing, please allow sufficient time for checking in. We accept no responsibility for missed public transport or delay.
  20. You give consent for your dog to be treated for fleas, ticks or worms in conjunction with veterinary advice.
  21. You consent to Fern Farm using photographs of their pet, for use on their website and social media groups for advertising purposes. We take security very seriously and in doing so, we ask that you do not draw any attention on social media that your dog is a current guest.
  22.  Fern Farm Canine Country Club reserve the right to re-home any animal not collected within 15 days of the stated departure dates if no communication from the owner, or owner’s agent, is received and if efforts to contact the owner fail.
  23.  Access to other areas of the farm by owners or visitors are strictly forbidden and you agree not to pet any animals on the premises.
  24. We reserve the right to charge any administration fees, payable within 30 days or by deduction from a deposit already paid. Refunds are not applicable.
  25. If bringing multiple dogs for boarding or day care, you give consent for your dogs to be separated if needed and agree to pay for any additional cost incurred.
  26. You agree to your details being kept by Fern Farm for our use and agree to update us with any changes in writing including highlighting any changes you have made to your pet’s details on the booking system.
  27. Geoff Shore, Colin Rose, Abigail Doxford and Martha Roberts, trainers and groomer at Fern Farm are all self employed and therefore their services are by separate contract.
  28. You agree for your dog to wear a muzzle if required.
  29. You agree for your dog to travel in a crate or sleep in a crate during downtime if required.
  30. We accept entire males and females who are both included together in socialisation. You agree to notify us if your entire bitch is due to come in season, is in season or has been in season in the last two months so that we can take adequate precautions to protect your pet. You give consent for your dog to be socialised with others selected by us.
  31. I agree to comply with any other terms outlined in my booking confirmation process.
  32. I agree to emergency or non-emergency first aid treatment being given to my dog including CPR.
  33. I agree to abide by any health and safety protocols and procedures implemented by Fern Farm Ltd. when visiting and will only visit in line with any current government restrictions.
  34. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and understand that while every care will be given to my animal(s), they attend at my own risk. I authorise you to call your designated veterinary surgeon (The Garden Veterinary Group Chippenham) or my usual vet on my behalf should you feel it is necessary. I give consent to any medical treatment or procedure by the Vet or ourselves which is felt necessary and understand that I will be liable for any related charges, including those by Fern Farm.