Why Fern Farm?

When choosing the right place for your pets to stay when you can’t be there for them is a big decision and with a variety of options available here’s what sets Fern Farm Canine Country Club and Grooming apart from the rest.

We’ve been running since 1988, with 30 years of experience having worked tirelessly to improve our facilities and services to a high standard over the years. This is what we do, this is what we know. Members of parliament, military personnel, professionals and conscientious owners return time and time again.

We have our own resident vet with 13 years experience who is on hand to assess any medical or dietary needs during your pet’s stay. We can accommodate most medical needs and medication including animals recovering from recent operations.

With over 100 acres of private land with no public footpaths means that our guests have extensive space for safe and varied exercise including the secure paddocks and indoor play areas. In turn, this prevents boredom and stress.

We do not transport guests off site for walks in public areas, we have more than enough land to exercise on site in complete safety. Your dog will not meet any strange dogs here which may not be as friendly. Nor will they meet any unvaccinated dogs, eliminating the risk of contracting deadly diseases such as Parvovirus often found in public areas and on footpaths. Dogs are not walked amongst livestock either which often can’t be avoided on footpaths, as well as being safer for them it also reduces the risk of worm transmission.

We live on site so are on hand to provide company for the safety of your pets and check all guests last thing at night too. With automatic electric gates which lock at night, CCTV cameras and security lighting the farm is super secure. We can also be flexible with dropping off and picking up pets very early and late in the day.

Dietary needs are kept exactly the same as you feed at home, we feed what you do and when you do to keep their routine exactly the same. We don’t try to change your dog’s feed, it’s essential for their digestion and wellbeing that when changing their environment, their feeding is therefore kept the same reducing the risk of dietary upset (food is therefore supplied by you). Raw feed can be fed and stored correctly.

The onsite grooming salon means that your dog can be bathed to keep them clean and comfortable during their stay if required.

Professional residential training either obedience, gun dog training or agility can be provided if needed.

As you would expect, we are fully licensed for both boarding and day care having passed a strict annual inspection from the council to ensure we comply with all licensing regulations and requirements. Our facilities are purpose built and therefore practical in order to keep clean. Specialist bedding has been selected to prevent any dampness or odours. We are fully insured by renowned insurer NFU Mutual.

You can book online at your convenience and for extra peace of mind you can also keep an eye on your pet both on social media and we can send you photos during their stay on request.

We hope that this gives you a thorough background to our business however please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions! Viewings are welcome by appointment, you can also bring your dog for a walk or trial run so that they are familiar with their surroundings and for your peace of mind so when you go away you can relax knowing that they are happy and in safe hands.